Connecting Your 太阳能

A customer-owned 和 -installed generation system, such as a photovoltaic solar panel array, lets you power your home or business with clean, renewable energy generated from the sun. After you complete a certified installation, Tampa Electric will interconnect your system to the grid 和 install a bi-directional net meter to measure any excess kilowatt-hours of electricity produced by your system. Any excess electricity generated by your system will be delivered to Tampa Electric's grid, 作为回报, you will receive a credit based on your current retail energy rate.

Learn more by downloading the Florida Public Service Commission's Rule 25-6.065. Tampa Electric also provides interconnection 和 net metering to wind-powered, 生物质, or other renewable generating systems as defined by Florida Statutes 366.91(2) 和 366.92(2).

How will net metering affect my electric bill?

If your home or business has a net meter, your monthly billing statement will include a 总用 column displaying your 千瓦时交付 (the kilowatt-hours of electricity delivered to you from Tampa Electric's grid) 和 any 千瓦时收到 (the kilowatt-hours of electricity Tampa Electric received from your solar array). 下载这个 样本法案 to see how this will appear 和 to learn more.

To help you identify the various readings that appear on your net meter, select the appropriate meter display guide below:

Attention Energy Planner customers – Net metering does not support the Energy Planner program. If you have a net meter installed, you will be required to switch to Tampa Electric's st和ard residential rate.