Keep your bills on the level with our 预算帐单 program!



预算帐单 is a voluntary program that eases the highs 和 lows of your monthly bills. Instead of paying your actual energy costs each month, which can fluctuate, you pay an average amount, based on your energy use from the previous 12 months.

The difference between the billed amount 和 the actual amount of energy used is called a "deferred amount." Please note that 预算帐单 is not a discount program. The deferred amount is included in the annual average energy costs. As a 预算帐单 customer, we will continue to read your meter each month, so you can see your actual usage 和 cost, along with your deferred amount.

Each year on your enrollment anniversary, 和 periodically at other times, we will review your account to determine if your 预算帐单 amount needs to be adjusted. We will notify you of any adjustments before your bill changes.

  • You must be a small business customer on a General Service (GS) rate.
  • You must not owe an overdue balance or have a pending service disconnection order.
  • The next billing cycle will activate your request.
  • The monthly designated amount must be paid.
  • Late charges do apply.
  • 账户s must be maintained current to remain active in the 预算帐单 program.
  • If your account generates two service disconnection orders within 12 months for non-payment, your account will be dropped from the 预算帐单 program.
  • Your monthly amount will be recalculated after one year on the program or sooner if significant changes to the monthly consumption patterns occur. The monthly amount may be increased or decreased based on the new calculation.
  • Bill messages will appear on your bill with any change made to the budgeted amount.
  • A correspondence will be sent any time your bill amount changes.
To discontinue 预算帐单
  • When discontinuing 预算帐单 the entire deferred balance will be posted directly to your account. If a debit amount, this balance is due on your next statement payment date. If a credit amount, TECO will credit your statement by that amount.
  • To discontinue 预算帐单, log into your account 和 select the "off" button. 或者,叫 866-832-6249 和 speak to a 业务 & Industry account specialist.